A little about me & Gallery





My sunshine doesn't come from the skies

It comes from the love in my dog's eyes

Hi my name is Diane and I have been very fortunate to of had an upbringing with different breeds of dogs and also family members and friends all having them.Then when I went on to having my own family introducing a pet, this completed the family unit. This started of with Rats, Birds, Cats then dogs, dogs been my first love. The two dogs which my boys grew up with was a Bichon Frise and a Cavalier King Charles both sadly have passed away but are pictured in my gallery. And thankfully I still have the pleasure of Amber also a Cavalier King Charles. Some of the photo's with my dogs in was taken in Canada and on Vancouver Island as they also traveled with us through most states of the usa, so where we went they came to.I love being out and about in the country in any weathers walking and taking photo's of mother nature as you probably tell by my floral pictures. So in regards to your pets I feel it it important that your they get the best possible care and attention which would be undivided attention from me while walking in my small group of 3 and also insuring their safety and wellbeing while in my care.


Welcome to my Gallery Page, here you will find photo's of my adventures from England to Canada and across the United States with my own dogs.

And just a few photo's of my clients dogs.

My two dogs Charlie who sadly is no longer with us and Amber.

Fun times in the snow in Canada.

Monty enjoying the beach on Vancouver Island, who sadly is no long with us.

Just a few photo's of my clients pooches, and I have enjoyed every minute with these little darlings and love takeing photo's of their fun times out with me.

My Best Friend

Black and white

Thick and furry

Fast as the wind

Always in a hurry

Coulpe of spots

Rub my ears

Always comes when his name he hears

Loves the ball; it's his favourite thing

What's most fun for him? Everything!

Great big tonge that licks my face

Has a crate, his own space

Big brown eyes like moon pies

He's my friend till the very end!

x x x x x x x x

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