Dog & Puppy Walking

Dog Walking Services

Prices are as follows;

Additional price's to be added for more than one dog per household.

30 Minutes;

1  Dog    £6.00

2  Dogs  £10.00

3  Dogs  £14.00

4  Dogs  £18.00

40 Minutes;

 Dog    £8.00

2  Dogs  £12.00

3  Dogs  £16.00

4  Dogs  £20.00

60 Minutes;

1   Dog    £10.00

2  Dogs  £15.00

3  Dogs  £20.00

4  Dogs  £25.00



My sole purpose is to insure that while your dog is out with me he or she will have a great time doing what they enjoy doing the most. And you can be rest assured that when they return home they are happy and ready for a snooze. I visit many different places to walks with the dogs giving them a variety of places to explore. All of these places are completely safe away from busy areas and main roads, I always enjoy going off the beaten track, ponds, streams and rivers included, their safety is the upmost importance to me and I would never take them to area's where they could put the selves in any danger, if I wouldn't take my own little dog there, I wouldn't take yours. I love taking photographs and always have my camera to hand, whether it is of your own dog/dogs or the nature around us those specials shots are never missed, these photo's given permission by yourself would be posted on to my facebook page for all to enjoy.

Home Visits For The New Addition To The Family

This is ideal for the new addition to the family, as being a baby its difficult for them to hold on for long periods of time before they need to go to the toilet.

So a home visit perfect not only to either let pup out of a crate or have a bit of free time to play and go out in the garden. This also helps to break up the day for pup which would help with separation anxiety and is also a great excuse for me to lavish your puppy with lots of cuddles and also having fun playing with them.

But of course puppies are not the only one's who would benefit from a house call but also if you have recently adopted a new family member or you may already have a resident dog living with you and for what ever reason as circumstances can change they will be left for long periods of times. Its just nice to know that you will have someone to call in with a friendly face and spend sometime with you dog, to make a fuss of them and do what ever is required.

For the senior citizens of the dog world

Really all the above applies just that your dog is in their golden years. No matter what age they are they still enjoy the company and affection you offer them just not the crazy play times you would have with a younger dog, they like the peace and quiet and the slower pase of life, maybe due to poor eye sight, stiff aching joints or maybe an excisting medical condition.

So what ever is needed to make your dogs house call an enjoyable one.


A gentle walk would be offered at their own pace. Again all services offered below;

These's services could include:

Letting out in the garden;

Going to the toilet even if this involves a quick walk round the block;

Clearing up any mess be in in the house or outside to as much as I can;

Feeding and providing fresh water;

Giving medication;

 Please not that I am not trained in any way, but only through my own personal experience of giving medication to my own dogs over the years.

House call visit prices are as follows

One dog per household  30 minutes



For each additional dog in the household please add a further £4.00. per visit i.e

2 Dogs


3 Dogs




Puppy Walking

For those little ones new to walking and experiencing the great outdoors for the first few months, in my opinion its best to do this gradually, little by little, this can be a frightening time for them, due to noise, new smells, humans wanting to say hello, as they are taken out of the security of their home and garden. It is important for puppies and dogs to go out for exercise every day in a safe and secure area, or they become frustrated. Time spent in the garden however large is no substitute for exploring new enviroments and socialising with othr dogs.

A good rule of thumb is a ratio of 5 minutes exercise per month of age ( up to twice a day ) intil the puppy is fully grown, i.e 15 minutes ( up to twice a day) when three months old, 20 minutes when four months old etc. The resoning behind this is that you can over tire your pup and damage its developing joints, thus causing early arthritis.

I would start off with little walks around the neighbour hood so they become familiar with their surroundings, then gradually introducing them to the car, short local trips, then on to our great country side.  Nothing is more rewarding than watching your pup growning in to a confident fun loving dog who just can't wait to get out the door, knowing fun times are ahead. As they get older I would introduce them to either one other dog or dogs that I know would be compatable together if I had any doubts I wouldn't introduce them, this would always be discussed with your selves before going ahead.

Here are just a few of my puppy photo's I have taken along the way

How are your dogs going to be transported?

And how safe are they?

My van is designed to take one extra large crate and two large sized crates all of which are secured down to the floor.

All crates have a non slip mat in the tray so when they jump in they won't slide and injure themselves.

The van has two sliding doors on each side which makes it easier for dogs to jump in and out safely then at the back both doors open to again to allow the largers dogs to jump in and out of the crate. I also have a non slip bumper buddie which prevents the dogs from slipping on the bumper when jumping up, again all extra safety extra's for your pet so there are no injuries inflicted.

I also carry around a dog ramp which allows a dog to safely walk up to the crate with out having to jump which is perfect for those dogs who may have joint problems or just maybe gracefully growing older and are unable to jump any longer.

I have also had installed an air vent so it  supplies constant fresh cool air while preventing the build up of heat and stale air.

All towels provided for those wet and muddy walks.

As I totally appreciate not all dogs are used to been crated, so for those of them that would find it stressful I have a specially designed front car seat where they are secured with a seat belt which is fed through the seat, with it having 3 side panels it helps your dog to feel safe and secure or they can just be seated in the chair with the seat belt.

What ever works for your dog I am more than happy to try to ensure that your dog has a happy experience while out walking with me.

Other items I always keep with me in the car which are essential:

Extra Leads




Water Bowls

Fresh Water

First Aid Kit



Then all your pooches need to do after a good walk is snooze.

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