Dog & Puppy Walking

Dog And Puppy Walking.

30 minutes  £6.00

45 minutes  £8.00

60 minutes  £10.00

90 minutes  £15.00



Any additional dog in the house will be subject to an extra charge depending on times.

My sole purpose is to insure that while your dog is out with me he or she will have a great time doing what they enjoy doing the most. And you can be rest assured that when they return home they are happy and ready for a snooze. I visit many different places to walks with the dogs giving them a variety of places to explore. All of these places are completely safe away from busy areas and main roads, I always enjoy going off the beaten track, ponds, streams and rivers included, their safety is the upmost importance to me and I would never take them to area's where they could put the selves in any danger, if I wouldn't take my own little dog there, I wouldn't take yours. I love taking photographs and always have my camera to hand, whether it is of your own dog/dogs or the nature around us those specials shots are never missed, these photo's given permission by yourself would be posted on to my facebook page for all to enjoy.

Please do take a look at some of my older dogs I walk in my gallery.

Puppy Walking

For those little ones new to walking and experiencing the great outdoors for the first few months, in my opinion its best to do this gradually, little by little, this can be a frightening time for them, due to noise, new smells, humans wanting to say hello, as they are taken out of the security of their home and garden. This is where I can offer just a 30 minute walk 1-2-1 starting off just little walks around the neighbour hood then gradually introducing them to the car, short local trips, then on to our great country side. Nothing is more rewarding than watching your pup growning in to a confident fun loving dog who just can't wait to get out the door, knowing fun times are ahead. As they get older I would introduce them to either one other dog or dogs that I know would be compatable together if I had any doubts I wouldn't introduce them, this would always be discussed with your selves before going ahead.

Here are some of my dogs I have known from an early age.

Barnaby From 6 Weeks Old

Star From 8 Months Old

Dudley From 8 Months Old

These are just a few pups to show off.

How are your dogs going to travel in my car?

And for those little one's who have never been crated I have a specially designed front car seat where they are secured with a seat belt which is fed through the seat, with it having 3 side panels it helps your dog to feel safe and secure.

This Was How Relaxed Bilbo Was.

I Have Various Sizes In Crates To Insure The Safe Transportation Of Any Dog.

Other items I always keep with me in the car which are essential:

Extra Leads




Water Bowls

Fresh Water

First Aid Kit



Then all your pooches need to do after a good walk is snooze.

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